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5 Reasons Driving with a Cracked Windshield is Dangerous

5 Reasons Driving with a Cracked Windshield is Dangerous

driving with a cracked windshieldCracks on your windshield can seem like a small, minor inconvenience.

But in truth, they can turn into a potentially major problem.

Driving with a cracked windshield presents many dangers to you and others on the road. Here’s why you should fix a crack as soon as possible.

Cracks Can Obstruct Your Vision

The most obvious reason that driving with a broken windshield is dangerous is that the cracks can obstruct your vision of the road. If the crack occurs over the driver’s side, the spider web effect warps the glass and makes it nearly impossible to see through.

Being observant is the key to road safety. A cracked windshield, even if it’s only in your periphery, can create a dangerous blind spot.

A Small Crack Can Spread

If the crack in your windshield is small and not in your main line of vision, it can be tempting to let it sit.

After all, it’s not obstructing your view of the road, right?

But applying a bit of pressure to the crack, especially from the inside, can cause it to shoot out into a large web. A small bump on the road might even be enough to trigger this.

If it happens when you’re driving, that small out-of-the-way crack can spread and dart right into your line of sight.

Cracks Weaken Your Protection In Case of an Accident

Windshields don’t only protect outside debris from entering your car. They also help to prevent you and other passengers from exiting the car.

Windshields are engineered to not shatter and break in a collision. An intact windshield is essential to prevent passengers from getting thrown from the car in an accident.

Ejection from a vehicle is one of the leading causes of death in car accidents. About 9,000 people die each year in the US from car ejection.

A cracked windshield isn’t as strong as undamaged ones. Thus driving with a crack increases your chances for flying through the window during a collision.

A Damaged Windshield Hurts the Structure of the Car

Structural integrity is another key part of a car’s engineering that protects drivers during an accident.

What many people may not realize is the windshield is a core part of that structure.

The large, durable pane of glass provides extra support for the frame of the car. Among other things, it helps keep the roof sturdy. In a rollover incident, the windshield helps prevent the roof from collapsing.

A damaged windshield provides less support, so the overall structural integrity of your entire car is downgraded because of a crack.

You Could Get a Ticket

The final cracked windshield danger isn’t necessarily to your life and limb, but to your wallet.

For the reasons listed above, a cracked windshield is a safety hazard to everyone on the road. Driving with a damaged windshield could be against state law. For example, Arizona statute 28-957.01 requires vehicles should be equipped with an adequate windshield.

You could get a ticket if police or highway patrol spots a crack. Fixing or replacing the windshield immediately can save you more money and hassle than if you let it sit.

Don’t Do Any Driving With a Cracked Windshield

Driving with a cracked windshield is dangerous for both you and others. If you have windshield damage, it’s time to contact us and get it taken care of.

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