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N-O on DIY: Why You Need Professional Windshield Repair Services

N-O on DIY: Why You Need Professional Windshield Repair Services

As the DIY repair craze has taken off for homeowners all around the country, it’s found its way into DIY auto repair. In order to avoid paying perceived high labor costs, some people will avoid windshield repair services and try to do the work on their own. Unfortunately, this is one repair that can be exceptionally treacherous for inexperienced people.

Here are five reasons to say no to DIY for your windshield.

1. Go From Bad To Worse

If you’re dealing with a windshield that has a small issue, like a crack or a dent, then you need to be very careful when repairing. Replacing a windshield that’s already shattered means pulling out chunks of broken glass. Taking out a cracked windshield means that you’re handling something volatile that could shatter on you.

You need knowledge and experience to carefully deal with something as dangerous as a broken windshield. If you want to add resin or an adhesive to maintain the structural integrity of your windshield, you need to have the right materials. Trying to repair it without any knowledge is going to lead to making it look worse.

A crashed windshield can turn into a shattered windshield with the very slightest intervention. You need to know exactly what you’re doing before you mess with something as sensitive as your windshield.

2. You Could Make it Weaker

If you have a problem with the body of your car, it’s unlikely you’re going to grab a hammer and a torch to fix the issue. That’s because you know that hammering on the body of your car could lead to exacerbating a small problem.

When you’re dealing with a windshield, you’re dealing with something that has built-in structural integrity. Repairing auto glass on your own could lead to making the structural integrity much weaker.

While driving, your windshield is under attack from wind, debris, insects, and more. You can make your windshield look better cosmetically while making it structurally much more sensitive. You could be making it easier for your windshield to break while driving if you’re not careful.

3. Kits Can Go Awry

When you walk into an auto repair shop, you’ll the rows and rows of kits to repair your windshield. Spending upwards of $100 to have your windshield repaired by a professional might look much less appealing than spending $20 or less. However, without the proper training, the right tools, or any experience, do you really expect to get the job done the way it should be?

While DIY kits look like they are the smarter option, they’re going to cost you a bit more in the end.

A small chip or a small crack might look like it’s the perfect fit for a DIY repair. However, that chip can get a lot worse if you do things wrong. Putting epoxy or adhesive into the crack that might expand, will make the crack much worse.

You’ll do the work to fix the crack, end up with a shattered windshield which makes it impossible to drive, and then have to have it towed. By the time you get it to a windshield repair specialist, you’ll have paid more than it would have cost to skip and go into the shop in the first place.

4. How Much Time Do You Have?

If you’re going to devote time to repairing your windshield on your own, be sure to give yourself an hour or more.

You need to do the work outdoors when it’s nice and clear unless you have a powerful light setup to help you work. Since you should be careful, it’s going to take you 2-3 times longer than the average repair specialist.

Going into a professional will have you in and out in 20 minutes depending on the problem. Since they’ve got the tools to do the job in the shop, you won’t have to wait for the perfect weather. They’ll know exactly what they’re doing, making the job quick and easy.

If you don’t have all the time in the world, you should consider letting a specialist do the work on your schedule. You might spend as much time in an auto parts shop buying the kit as you would letting a specialist do it for you.

5. You could Interfere with Your Insurance Policy

Believe it or not, a lot of warranties and insurance policies require you to have a specialist look at things rather than handling them yourself. Your insurance policy might not cover you if you try to fix your windshield on your own.

Read your policy carefully. You might find that your policy will suddenly become invalid if you’ve fiddled with the windshield yourself.

The problem with most DIY repair is that you’re more likely to do more damage to your windshield without proper training. Auto manufacturers adhere to a written standard when building your windshield. Repair shops much there to a standard to be licensed by the state.

Insurance companies don’t know what kind of training you do or don’t have and if you make a mistake, you could do more damage than a professional would. Some insurance companies might even take care of a windshield repair. When you use a kit, you do extra work for no reason and make it impossible for you to get what your insurance company owes you.

Windshield Repair Services Save You Hassle

Not only is hiring a windshield repair services professional a time and money saver, but it’s also a matter of safety. It can be unsafe to do things to your window that could lead to it breaking or shattering while you’re driving. You could lose visibility in bad weather and struggle to drive safely.

If you want to get an idea of the average cost of windshield repair, check out our guide here.

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