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Why a Pitted Windshield Poses Danger to Drivers

Why a Pitted Windshield Poses Danger to Drivers

pitted windshieldDriving has long been the chosen mode of short-term transportation in the developed world.

Lauded for their convenience, long lives, and relative ease of use, cars are one of the modern world’s most important and popular inventions. In the United States, driving is a way of life, with nearly 222 million licensed drivers as of 2016.

But for all their convenience and popularity, cars come with a price. Car crashes claim approximately 1.3 million lives globally each year.

Most people are familiar with the leading causes of traffic deaths. General driver error, drunk drivers, and mechanical failure all contribute to the issue.

One less widely recognized road hazard is the pitted windshield. In this post, you’ll learn what a pitted windshield is and how it can endanger you.

What Is a Pitted Windshield?

Let’s tackle the basic question first. If you’ve ever been blinded by the sun hitting your windshield in a particular way, it’s likely you’ve experienced a pitted windshield.

Windshield pitting is a natural process of wear and tear. Sand, dirt, and other particles hit the glass and slowly wear it down over time. This creates small craters, which can then catch the light and distort your vision.

If you take the highway for your morning commute, you’re even more likely to have experienced this. The higher speeds and more abundant traffic on the highway make the effects of windshield pitting more evident.

While it can seem like a minor inconvenience, a neglected windshield can eventually obscure your entire view. It’s important not to ignore the early signs of a pitted windshield.

Why Is It Bad?

As we’ve established, windshield pitting creates craters that catch and distort light. When the sun refracts through those craters, it can temporarily blind you. Even just one crater can have this effect.

Even if this is a rare and split-second occurrence, it can be extremely dangerous. On the road, a split-second can mean the difference between life and death.

Apart from visual distortions, a pitted windshield is less structurally sound than a healthy one. Windshields with heavy pitting are easier to shatter. Your windshield is one of the most important safety features your car has, so it’s incredibly important to be able to rely on it.

While you may be inclined to think slight pitting or pitting on the passenger side of your car isn’t problematic, you would be wrong. If the light hits it correctly, it could still easily blind you. It also wears your wipers down, making inclement weather conditions even more dangerous.

Short version: If you’re noticing obstructions in your windshield, get it checked out.

What To Do About It

Unfortunately, there’s no fix for a pitted windshield.

While cracks can be repaired, windshield pitting requires a new windshield. Even though replacing your windshield might seem inconvenient, it won’t be nearly as inconvenient as wrecking your car–or worse.

Luckily, windshield replacement doesn’t have to break the bank. If you think it’s time for a new windshield, don’t wait until it’s too late. Get it replaced today and save yourself the trouble later.

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