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Why Are Windshield Chips Dangerous to Drivers?

Why Are Windshield Chips Dangerous to Drivers?

Neglecting that chipped windshield is compromising your safety. This one piece of glass contributes 45% of the structural integrity for your car.

Windshield chips are easy to miss or ignore. The longer you ignore the problem, the more it will compromise your safety.

The safety system in your vehicle depends on your windshield to provide strength. So when the windshield has a defect, your car’s whole safety system is not as effective.

Do not let one of these dangers happen to you or your family. Get your windshield repaired or replaced today.

Dangers of Windshield Chips

Damage to your windshield is inevitable. One small rock gets thrown up and you’ve got a chip.

When these chips happen, consider the size, position, and growth. This will help you decide whether to repair or replace your windshield.

The Size

Do not ignore chips and cracks because they are small. If they are deep enough to compromise the vinyl layer between the glass, you need to fix it.

If dirt gets into the chip, it can make repair difficult or impossible. The epoxy used in the repair process won’t cure to the windshield if dirt is contaminating it.

When to Fix

Repairing is an option if the chip is smaller than a quarter. Cracks that are smaller than three inches can also get repaired.

It is best to have chips fixed within a few days of the occurrence. This doesn’t give the chip a chance to develop cracks.

When to Replace

If the crack or chip goes through all three layers of your windshield, it is best to replace. A windshield has two layers of glass with a layer of vinyl placed between.

That layer of vinyl in the middle is what prevents your windshield from shattering apart. It also provides the strength to keep you and the airbag in the car.

When this middle layer gets damaged, it has done its job. It is not capable of withstanding many impacts.

So a chip or crack compromises the total strength. The next impact will cause the windshield to break apart.

This next impact to a damaged windshield does not need to be a big one either. It takes less force to break apart a windshield the more defects it has.

The Position

A chip in glass reflects the light in a new direction. This is like the sun reflecting off a CD or smartphone screen. The concentrated reflected sunlight is blinding.

This is the same problem with the chips and cracks in your windshield. These defects in the glass can reflect the light towards you, making it tough to see while driving.

The other danger is having the chip or crack in your line of vision. As the driver, you are responsible for giving your full attention to the road.

It can be tough to do this if you are having to drive by looking through chips and cracks. Your vision is now distorted and your eyes will want to focus on the crack, not the road beyond it.


It is important to repair a chip in the windshield early. If not, it will continue to grow in size through cracking. A small bump or pressure can cause the windshield to crack in a spiderweb pattern.

One day you will have a small chip or crack and in the blink of an eye it can spread across the entire windshield. Now you must replace the windshield.

Physical Windshield Dangers

Once the chip in your windshield grows to cracks, your windshield is now no longer effective. The structural integrity is no longer there.


The vinyl layer in a windshield prevents the glass from shattering into large pieces. This doesn’t work as well when the glass is already cracked into large shards before the accident.

Collapsed Roof

When you experience a roll over the roof collapses from the weight of the vehicle. Your windshield provides support to prevent the roof from a complete cave in.

When a windshield is already cracked, it will only continue to crush from the weight of the car. The domino effect occurs and the roof will continue to crush into the car.

Vehicle Ejection

A cracked windshield cannot resist impact from passengers inside the vehicle. This resistance protects you and your passengers from getting ejected during an accident.

Airbag Deployment

Airbags deploy with a great amount of force towards you. The windshield helps this happen by withstanding the force of deployment.

A weakened windshield cannot withstand this force. This means the airbag is going to deploy away from you, not towards you.

Without the airbag, your safety system is not as effective. This increases your risk for injury.

The most common injury from improper airbag deployment is a traumatic brain injury. When this injury happens, the airbag fails to stop the forward momentum of your head. This cannot happen if it is deploying away from you.

Financial Windshield Dangers

If your chipped windshield develops cracks, your insurance company will consider it defective. You may have coverage if they then determine that the defect was the cause of the accident.

You will then have to face personal liability for the damage caused by the accident. This can create a great financial burden.

Replace Your Chipped Windshield

Look for windshield chips or cracks on a regular basis. This will let you get them fixed right away.

Immediate action prevents the damage from growing. It also decreases the amount of time you are driving around with a defect in your windshield.

A windshield protects you in the event of an accident. It will keep you and your passengers in the car.

It will ensure your airbag deploys towards you. It will keep your roof from crushing and caving in.

With so many benefits, there is no reason to delay fixing or replacing your windshield. Get a quote to repair or replace your chipped windshield today.

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